Accounting & Taxation

Painting a clear and compliant financial picture

Let JURU look after the books, so you can concentrate on building your business

Accounting and auditing are important parts of any business's financial picture. They are particularly critical in China, where the process is both complex and continuous!

One of the more unique aspects of China’s regulatory environment is that companies are legally required to file returns far more frequently than in most other countries. For example, VAT and corporate tax returns are expected on a quarterly basis, and individual employee income tax returns every month. This is in addition to the annual accounts audit, conducted by a certified public accountant (CPA).

That is where JURU comes in. We provide some of the world’s best known international brands with the accounting and auditing expertise they need to operate as smoothly and compliantly as possible. And also put them in a position to build the highest possible tax rating with Mainland Chinese tax authorities, and claim the maximum possible “China tax rebate.”

Our highly-qualified accountants have the experience and training to handle all of your accounting needs, to ensure that your compliance posture and relationship with Mainland Chinese regulatory agencies remains high – no matter how fast your business moves or how quickly it grows.

Monthly Bookkeeping & Tax Reporting

Reduce administrative overhead & ensure regulatory compliance

Experienced, Highly-Trained Accounting Professionals

Save time, improve accuracy, cut costs

Tax Advice and Guidance

Build an efficient & sustainable business

Value-Added Services

Free-of-charge support to help clients balance the books

In addition to placing a significant burden on your administration overhead, the frequency of filings makes ensuring compliance a much bigger challenge than in almost any other market. The penalties of failing to provide full and faithful financial picture can be serious, ranging from being placed under official risk controls or lawsuits.

JURU has the talent and expertise to enable international enterprises operating in Mainland China to meet their regulatory obligations quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax reporting
  • Checking & filing the original vouchers
  • Checking data in bank statements
  • Annual financial report
  • Annual income tax liquidation

China’s tight regulatory environment requires anyone engaged in finance-related work to hold recognized certifications. This makes it more difficult for international enterprises to identify, recruit and retain the qualified accounting staff they need to meet their reporting obligations.

JURU’s experienced and long-serving accounting team includes auditors CPAs and Certified Tax Agents, so our clients don’t need to worry about the details. Instead, they can rely on us to look after the bookkeeping while they focus on running the business.

Generating profits to fund investments and reward shareholders is important to any business. However, the complexities of China’s business environment can make ensuring tax efficiency without compromising regulatory compliance a bit of a balancing act.

JURU has built up more than a decade of success in advising clients on the best ways to maximise tax efficiency while maintaining the highest possible tax rating with the Chinese tax authorities.

Our services include:

  • General financial advice
  • Tax cost assessment
  • Audit
  • Tax-related verification

In addition to providing a comprehensive suite of professional solutions, our skilled accountants help our clients handle a host of everyday issues, free-of-charge.

Our free value-added services include:

  • Opening bank accounts
  • Verifying tax
  • Filing company information
  • Verifying the identity of Legal Representatives
  • Communicating with the Tax Bureau staff