We’ve got the muscle to help you overcome obstacles and deal with disputes

Business isn’t always plain sailing. When the unexpected arises, it must be dealt with quickly and effectively to avoid disruption and unnecessary costs. JURU’s experienced consulting team offers access to specialist services to help you tackle the thorniest of issues – from negotiation to dispute mediation and settlement, litigation, arbitration and enforcement.

Whether you need immediate access to expert resources, or are interested in a long-term relationship with our legal team, JURU is ready, willing and able to provide the kind of consulting package you need when you need it most.

  • 1 Management Consultancy
  • 2 Merger & Acquisition
  • 3 Credit & Debt - Debt dispute and assignment, credit and debt litigation
  • 4 Intellectual property - Patent, trademark and copyright litigation
  • 5 Human resources system
  • 6 Contract Management
  • 7 Bankruptcy and Liquidation

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