International Enterprises

Procedures for registration cancellation

  • 1 Make an application for early termination at the Commission of Commerce 
  • 2 Establish a liquidation group and filing with the Business Registry
  • 3 Post a closing-down announcement in a newspaper
  • 4 Complete the liquidation report (by the liquidation group)
  • 5 Deregister with the Tax Bureau
  • 6 Register cancellation with the Business Registry, the Administration of Foreign Exchange, and the Commission of Commerce
  • 7 Close bank accounts and remit remaining capital and profits

Investment Guides

Risk increases with complexity. That is particularly true for international enterprises in China, where the investment process is subject to a bewildering variety of regulations and controls. This guide will help you to plan and manage your investment, follow the rules and ensure a solid return on investment.

  • 1 China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Regulations
  • 2 China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone guidance on the Examination and Approval of Chops and Seals
  • 3 China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone guidance on Applications for New Tax Registration Certificate by Corporate Taxpayers
  • 4China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone guidance on Filing and Registration of a Domestic Recipient of Legal Documents for an International Company
  • 5China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone guidance on securing the Approval for Establishing an International Company (i.e. a “Foreign Invested Enterprise”)

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