International Enterprises

Customs Declaration and Registration for an Import and Export Goods Consignor and Consignee

Required materials

  • 1 Application for Registration (Replacement of Certificate, Change and Cancellation) of Consignee and Consignor of Imported and Exported Goods 
  • 2 Registration of Information of Customs Declaration Units
  • 3 Registration of Information of Corporate Managerial Staff
  • 4 Registration of Information of Investors
  • 5 Filing Form of Special Customs Declaration Seal of Customs Declaration Units (to be affixed the new customs declaration seal, and not required for any circumstances other than change of corporate name)
  • 6 Photocopy of the approval materials or certificates relating to the changed items (for example: photocopy of the Business License, photocopy of the approval certificate, photocopy of the resolutions of the Board of Directors/Board of Shareholders, or photocopy of the amendment of the AoA) (required to verify the originals)
  • 7 Original of the Certificate of Customs Declaration Registration of the Consignee and Consignor of Imported and Exported Goods of the Customs of the People’s Republic of China

Application Process

The enterprise must go online to complete the Customs Registration.  Afterwards, a paper copy of the filing and registration materials must be filed.

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