International Enterprises

Registering and Filing as a “Foreign Trade Operator”

Required materials

  • 1 Signed and sealed copy of the Shanghai “Foreign Trade Operator” Filing and Registration Information Table 
  • 2 Photocopy of the business license
  • 3 Photocopy of the organization code certificate
  • 4 Photocopy of a valid personal identification document of the legal representative
  • 5 Photocopy of the official “Foreign Invested Enterprise” Approval Certificate (if the trade operator is a “Foreign Invested Enterprise”)
  • 6 Property notarial certificate issued by the legal notary office, for an individual industrial and commercial household (sole proprietor)
  • 7 A fund credit reference issued by the legal notary office, for an enterprise from another country (or region) completes the registration with the administration for industry and commerce according to law

Application Process

The enterprise must go online to complete the Shanghai Foreign Trade Operator Filing and Registration Information Table. Afterwards, a paper copy of the filing and registration materials must be filed.

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