About Us

JURU stands for success

Our name, JURU, literally says it all. It comes from an ancient Chinese idiom that originated in the Warring States period over 2,000 years ago, which literally means “long-term success depends on having the best and most skilful people”.

We’ve followed that advice since the company was founded in 2004 – assembling a talented team of China business experts, who provide high-quality insight, advice and solutions to thousands of internationally recognized enterprises that are making their mark on world markets.

With an in-depth understanding of China’s legal and business regulations, we create investment plans, assess legal, financial and tax risks and tailor management services based on each client’s requirements and specific business practices. That includes putting forward suggestions to control costs and cash flow, and drawing up solutions and programs to help enterprises make the most of financial policies and maximise legitimate tax benefit entitlements.

Our Values

Our core values are the guiding principles for our actions and behaviours at JURU. They motivate us and are the cornerstone for our company culture. They attract the best talent to JURU, motivate our teams and reflect our ambitions and commitment to create value and success for our clients.


Honesty is telling the truth. Integrity is living it. JURU strives to do both.


We take pride in maintaining the highest standards. That’s because people who really want to join our team, and make a difference in China’s business environment, will always rise to meet them. 


JURU believes you can’t allow tradition to get in the way of innovation. We respect the past, but we create the future for our people and our customers.


For us, efficiency is all about doing what is effective, achieving high customer satisfaction with lower operating costs, and improving employee productivity through teamwork.

Our Awards and Recognitions

Customer-oriented, and constantly innovating and enhancing services in line with client needs, JURU has also established a good relationship with a host of relevant authorities – all of which ensures that our business, and our that of our clients, run smoothly and efficiently no matter what challenges the market may offer.

Our knowledge has been earned the hard way. JURU was one of the founders (as well as a former vice-chair and secretary-general) of the Shanghai Pudong Enterprise Incorporation Agency Services Association, a bookkeeping agent certified by the Shanghai Finance Bureau, and also an incorporation agent approved by the Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce Bureau.

Following a philosophy of Honesty, Efficiency, Standards and Innovation, JURU has won numerous industry awards, including:


“Best Association” Award / 2019 - 2020

Enterprise Incorporation Agency Services Association

“Foreign Investment Consulting Services Provider” Honorary Award / 2016

Shanghai Pudong Enterprise Incorporation Agency Services Association

"Certified Ethical Organization” / 2019 - 2022

Shanghai Pudong Enterprise Incorporation Agency Service Association

“ Certified Ethical Organization" / 2017 - 2021

Shanghai Association of Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

The JURU Advantage

Ultimately, the JURU value proposition is simple – to make entering, operating and succeeding in the complex and competitive China market as painless as possible. By integrating investment consultation, enterprise registration, accounting, auditing, tax planning, legal and personnel services, and trademark and patent protection, JURU has become a trusted one-stop shop for reliable enterprise services.